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Catacomb Cleric is an arcade roguelike where you, the titular Cleric, go down floor after floor to revive fallen knights and fight off the undead. This was made in a week for Game In A Week jam.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Attack enemies by moving into them

Press X to select and deselect potions. When potions are selected:

  • Press SPACE to heal yourself. Potions heal 2 whole hearts.
  • Press C to craft a revival potion (1 potion + 1 skull = 1 revival potion)
  • Use WASD or Arrow Keys to use on enemies in spaces adjacent to your current space. Potions do double your normal attack power.

Press C to select and deselect revival potions. When revival potions are selected, use WASD or Arrow Keys to:

  • Revive dead knights sitting in coffins adjacent to your current space
  • Kill enemies in spaces adjacent to your current space. Revival potions kill instantly.

Press +/- to adjust the volume, and press 0 to mute the game.


CatacombCleric-Mac64.zip 18 MB
CatacombCleric-Mac32.zip 18 MB


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i ended up zoning out and playing this for like 2 hours. though i am a sucker for this kinda thing. the number of skulls you've collected does start to get obscured after you have more than 100 haha :O

Oh wow! Well, I'm glad you liked it! :D