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Super Frazzle Dazzle is a platformer based around avoiding enemies and obstacles to save your friends from their terrible hair day. Equipped with a hair dryer, you can hover over spikes, reflect enemy attacks, and of course, make your friends fabulous!

The version of the game provided is currently an alpha version of the game.

I'd very much appreciate any feedback you could provide and report any bugs you may find! Leave a comment below, tweet at me @hexdie, or email me at 0hexd1e at gmail dot com. Thanks!


  • WASD/Arrow Key movement
  • Press W, UP, or Space to jump
  • Press Z to attack
  • Press DOWN or X while in the air to hover
  • +/- to turn volume up and down
  • 0 to mute
  • For downloadable version, press F1 to toggle fullscreen.


FrazzleDazzle.zip 19 MB

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